Where is beauty?

Where is it?
The beauty!!!
They say, it lies in the eyes of the beholder,
They say, it is only skin deep.
The definitions don't define it perfectly.
How would that fit within few words?
Beauty is broad,
It's everywhere.

It is there in the smile of a stranger,
A precious gift experienced when two eyes meet for the first time.
It is there in the crazy laughter of your friend,
When they run to the bathroom just hearing your unworthy joke.
It is there in the eyes of a mother,
The tear that drops when she holds her baby for the first time after an unbearable pain during delivery.
It is there in the pride of the father,
When he sees his child excel.
Its in the fake cry of your brother or sister,
To get whatever you have in your hand.
It is in the sweat of the laborer,
When they receive their wage at the end of the day.
It is in the love of your love,
When they make sacrifices for you.

It is in the nature,
It is in the rain, when it abandons the cloud and embraces the earth.
It is in the sea, when it ebbs endlessly towards you and away from the boundless sky.
It is in a bird, when it sits alone and sings for no one,
In a butterfly and in a flower,
In the uninhabited desert and in the rocky peak,
In the sliding glaciers,
And when the sun rises and sets, beauty expresses itself.

True that, its in the hot people acting in movies.
More than that, its in the people you see everyday,

In the mirror and inside you,
In a fair skin and in a dark skin as well,
And in the blue or black or brown eyes,
In a scar or a mole,
In the confidence of a physically challenged,
In the innocence of the ignorant, 
In success and in failure too,
And in the happiness of a broken heart,

Beauty is everywhere!!!

These are not definitions,
No definitions can define some words exactly,
Beauty is one such...
It has a broader perspective to it.

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