Misconception of the word- 'Love'


The google search provides us with following meanings for the above mentioned word at the first hit
1. A strong feeling of affection.
2. A great interest and pleasure in something. 

Really? Did they think this noun can mean only these two sentences? Oh my god! Then google is insane. How could they do that? Even my brain, which usually holds very less number of words and  probably only the simple meaning or synonym for those words, return lots of meaning for Love. My neurons run the electric signals through the synopsis as fast as a light when I come across this word. Oh! Yeah. Almost for all the people who really live their life to the fullest, will have the same feeling as mine. 

So, I have said this to many people. Not as a such, but in a sentence that would always remain to be the best statement that I will ever say in my life,'I love you'. By all means, people reading this will wonder what the hell is this girl telling? Can we say it to more than one person? Yes. I can. Yes. I am doing it. 

I say it to mom every morning. I say it to my dad more times than I say it to her. I tell it to my sister at the end of every fight. I tell it to my best friends (I have three and two of them are guys) and to my good friends and to my just friends whenever I feel like saying it. I say it to many people and some really do get the meaning of it. Some think that I am mad. So am I. They allow me to be or I allow myself to be identified mad. I love the fact that love is mad.

Many people have the misconception that love is always an excess of adrenaline flowing through the blood when we see a beautiful beast. Many people think that it's always about missing a heartbeat and losing ones mind. You don't have to be like that always. You can be perfectly sane or imperfectly insane to use this word in that sentence. Yeah! You can be misunderstood sometimes. But misunderstanding people always misunderstand. You don't have to explain everything to everyone.

So, do you want to know what have I got because of this word? I have  got a mom who thinks that I can really become a writer one day. I have got a dad who can love me even after making him fall on the floor. I have got a sister who thinks that I can get a noble prize for something one day. I have got an uncle who thinks me as his own daughter. I have got best friends who pick my call anytime, even in the middle of a movie or a meeting. They talk to me even when I have nothing to tell and really feels proud for my success and stands by the side of me at hard times and makes me forget the terrible things I have gone through. I have got a whole bunch of brothers, Oh! not really related by blood. But, they do care for me, more than like a own brother. I have got a little teenage thug who never listens to his mom but me. He is my favorite among all brothers. I have got this nature which sends me a wind to endure, a rain to wet, a flower to smile and a butterfly to say me 'Good luck!' before every big deal. Love has created me.

The word 'Love' never can hold a same definition or meaning for any two people on earth. Love is not a feeling, its not an emotion. 
Love is eternal.
Love is everything.
Love has a broader perspective to it.
Love is love. Nothing more. Nothing less.
Its a right combination of every best thing in the world.

I have defined a small part of my view about this word. I don't feel this is the best. But, love never searches for the best. It always creates the best out of people.

So, have you ever thought of a word which has millions of meaning? Here is one.

Post Script: A continuation of Where is beauty?
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