Unknown and Unnoticed

The little baby was named!
He blabbered like every other child of his age,
He loved his mother,
He loved the comfort she gave in her lap,
He loved the warmth of her heart when she held him near her breast.
He grew and he loved her more.

At the one end of the world was his father,
Toiling day and night,
He rose early, worked late hours,
And came home once in a while with the best toys in the world.
He was welcomed every time, for he bought with him the wonderful cars and helicopters.
Little the world knew what he had sacrificed,
Little that his wife knew what he was doing at office,
Little that his son knew how much hours of sleep he lost to get those stuffs.

Days passed.
The little boy once he was, turned into a big boy, not very big though,
His mother gave birth to his sibling,
And it was a beautiful girl, beautiful because she was a girl.

The boy loved his little sister,
For he was able to hold her in his arms,
For she smiled at him every time he played with her,
She grew with him.
He promised to protect her, no matter what!
They fought, they laughed,

She cried and he would always give up,
For he loved her smile more than her tears,
He took hours to make sure she had the best.

Big boy he was,
His enjoyments widened,
His pleasures granted,
And he loved his mom and sissy more than before.

He grew up and found that he had a passion,
His mom and sissy had plans,
Passion was costly and plans were big,
He always wanted to give the best for them,
So passion was buried and plans were given priority.

He loved them more,
But respected his father more than all the years of love he gave to mom and sissy,
For now he knew what it takes really to be a man,
For he really knew how every second of a man's life goes,
His sacrifices and toils,
Unknown and unnoticed!!!

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