The unspoken pain- Based on true incidents

She never understood!!!

It was a summer holiday.
She was playing in her neighbor's house with their little boy.
There were some people white washing the house.
There was this brother among them, at least she called him that way. He was between 20 and 25. 
He smiled at her every time she saw him and she smiled back childishly.
Once, she was left alone with him to take care of the house as her neighbor with her baby went to buy some vegetables outside. He came near her and asked, "I will show you mine. Will you show yours?" and tied his lungi up to his knees. She did not get what he was saying and ran outside as her mother called her for lunch. Thank her mother.

She told her mother about that brother, like she spits all her accomplishments of building a new house with the building set or tricking the baby with a cloth covering her face everyday. She was never allowed to play after that.

She never understood why.

She was at her third grade. She was a child!!!
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