The world called IT!

There you are. On my next article. I promised it would be about Kerala. may be I would take some time to grasp more of this complex human behaviors, which vary from one state to another and one culture to another.
What does IT mean to the outside world?
For my parents, all my IT job means nothing. Really nothing I do . They are happy that I have a good cab facility from home to office and a better toilet facility compared to any of the government offices and a salary at the end of the month. (Yeah when I run out of whatever I have, its already month end and so, they will not have their daughter nagging behind them for pocket money anymore. Now, its my husband, as he will not be separated from his ATM card)
To my sister, all my job is about anti-nationalism. Yes, when I say I work for a foreign client, every relative of mine envy me, while she always looks with disgust. you work for some other country!? Really?! Why can’t you do that for India? Why can’t you do it for your own company?! This is so anti-nationalism. And I answer that with a sheepish smile! She has finished her Journalism between all these comments. So, the next time I hear these set of sentences, I would say to her, “You are so journalist” ;-p!
And to my friends, I am just sitting in front of this white screen and writing lots and lots of blogs without any job! When they get a message or mail about my post, some really sweet friends reply in the comment that the article is so good. Some good friends say that, they do not have time and they would read it later and some unreading friends ask me if I have no work and ask to share theirs for heavens sake.
Everybody has a good opinion on me till now!
Then coming to my actual work!
So, there are days!
I feel like I never belong to the place. All I will do is, come to office, work, then work, then work, then work and then work and go home and kill myself in bed, which my family would think as the greatest offence done to the family (Previously my dad and my sister while staying with me (PS: I regret spending more time on my phone tha with both of them after office now) and now my husband's family), because, they were waiting for me at home all day, and I am not paying attention to any of thier talks.
And the day will come, when I will not feel like working. Will go eat drink water, eat whatever I feel like eating, then drink water, go to rest room between to kill the boring time, then go to library to sleep, then eat, then drink water, then go home. Don’t underestimate the power of sitting idle. It is the most difficult of all the things, especially when you do not have the right to step out of office, without saying what have you done today and what you will do tomorrow. This would be the most stressing job, when you are near you appraisal date! God save me!
And the day will come, when I feel like balancing home and work. Will get to office on time. Complete all the tasks in 9 hours and do help my home with whatever I have to help with! An I would promise at the end of the day that, this should be done everyday and the next day would be the day mentioned first or the second!
Some days, I will feel that I have lost all the passion in my life, so will push myself hard to pursue my passion, after being a good person in both office and home. That would be the day, I would read till the next day morning, or write till my fingers pain or paint until all the colors in the watercolor tube gets drained. And I would lose all the good names I got yesterday because, usually my brain becomes nerdy and jerky after a sleepless night.

There are lots of perspectives of IT world! We become excited even for a movie, we purchase online all the time. We become socially active at Facebook and twitter level and try to be nice to everyone we meet, because these days, Managers, directors and CEOs are too young to be considered for their position and messing up with them can lead you on creating your own company or begging to someone else for money.
So, having said that, I should finish this here and return back to my work-home life. That is what makes me more human than the dreams that carry my life to the next level. Celebrating 1 year at Cognizant tomorrow, I dedicate this article to all my batch mates who were with me and still trying to get along  with me somehow. To all those managers and team leads and buddies, who have helped me all along this journey and got the jobs done from me between these blogging times.
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