Finding. Mr Right

I should say, I am happily married to a guy, I would have never met, if hadn't my mother set it up for me. Yes, it's an arranged marriage.
I would like to share with you the way I met him, for the first time in my life. Well, I have never met anyone in such a situation. May be, god wanted to keep it special for me or may be he wanted to indicate that, "Hey! My baby girl, you are already caught!" Am I confusing you? Just read the below paragraph and you will know why!πŸ˜‚
It was a Monday. Oh! I remember the date too, because I cross checked in Facebook to mention it here! 28th February, 2016. That was the day, which was destained to change my life forever! For many people, arranged marriages are just so stupid or boring because, you hold no control over things happening around you. But for me it's one of the craziest ideas a man/woman can try in their life and here I am writing about my first encounter with the man I love the most equally to my father. I promise it will be no less than the love at first sight incident.
I was in Chennai, when I got the news that I am going to see someone for marriage! Okay! I thought to myself! No problem! I can go meet and reject him. Because, I was of the idea that I will meet my Mr. Right one day and it should not be something pre arranged! But God had other ideas πŸ˜‰! I went from Chennai for the expedition with all my courage and intense feeling that it will all be fine! I should admit, I have seen him in pics that was sent to my father's mail Id for the proposal. I liked him. But, looks are deceptive. Especially in photos, you can make anything from anything these days. So, I had to confirm that the face in the photographs and the real face matches. I had a lot in my mind. And when I went into the bathroom for a home facial 2 hours before his arrival, I didn't notice the door knob that got stuck. I was so busy after all to make my skin glow 😜! When I tried to open the door, it wouldn't budge to open! The red door, laughed at me. With all my strength, I tried to remove the lock. But the lock was too hard on me that day. I found out that I was stuck. Inside the bath room! I had only 1 hour before the arrival of my guests, and the idea of saying "Hey! Hi", from the bathroom sickened me! The only help I could find was my old aunty, whose fingers were too fragile because of her lifetime's cooking and home aids. She's 68. I can't make her panic too. So I asked her to try to open the red door from the other side, cooly. She wasn't able to open the door, even with the right key. So, I figured out that I need some strong help. May be, the man who was coming to see me can help. But, I can't wait in bathroom for 1 hour. So, I asked my aunty to slip my phone through the bathroom window. She did. I called my mom. She is the principal of the school I studied. You don't want to mess with a principal at a critical times, atleast not with moms who are princis. I did not give her details. I just said I need some help with a bathroom door as my aunt got stuck in there (a lie it was. But, I had to say that. Come on! It's okay to lie for good reasons )
She sent a security guy from the school. I asked him to open the red door from the front. But, there was no use again. We had only one choice, to break the door lock or I would remain in bathroom forever. The security guy and me put a joint effort on either side of the door, breaking the lock, with whatever we can find in our hand. And finally, after hurting it will all the things, we broke it's wood. The metal part of the lock came to my hand. It was 3.45 PM and the guests would arrive at 4PM. I had nothing on my face except a bindhi. I urgently applied some powder and a lip gloss between thanking the security guy. I was as blank as a white paper. I was terrified and relieved at the same time. Terrified because, the door looked like it lost its nose , but I thought it deserved that and relieved because I was finally out and was breathing fresh air. But, there was no time to get away from the shock. And then when the guests arrived, I ran to my room and then they called me out after sometime to talk with my man.
I really was a angry with my uncle and father because they left me during that critical time to the temple to pray to God for his blessings and now I saw them sitting comfortably in the sofa,with a smiling face welcoming the guests. They had no idea why my face was pale. I saw him. The man, I planned to reject a day before. I found a smile in him, I had never seen before. It soothed me somehow. When were were allowed to talk alone, the things he said made me like him again. He was not as good as in the photographs. But, even I don't look the same way as in my FB or WhatsApp profile photos. And he was handsome in his own ways in both thoughts and deeds. He had a baby smile, that I never wanted to fade away from his face for any reason. He implied that he came all the way from Cochin, because he liked me in photographs I sent (To my knowledge, I am not that beautiful to seduce people in a photograph. But, I know I am beautiful inside my heart. So that added a extra mark to him. Girls like to be complemented after allπŸ˜‰)
When he left the house after our chit chatting, he said one thing, "See you later! Have a nice time!", which my mother noticed and got the clue. I did not know him as deep as I know my fellow colleagues working in my office when I said yes to him, but his smile made me fall and which I thought should never go out. I had my own confusions before marriage, whether we can marry a man after a single meet. But, we have to take risks to see how it goes, especially in Love and today, as I bear his love inside my heart, I would say, "He is worth my life!"

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